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Active Organics Factoids

Active Organics is consistently recognized for industry leading development efforts crafting extracts from organic materials such as exotic mushrooms and aloe vera.
The Active Organics worldwide network of distributors and sales representatives assures efficiency in meeting your needs.
Active Organics is a worldwide supplier of natural botanical extracts to some of the most recognized cosmetic brands.
Protection of the skin from inflammatory reactions is extremely important to maintain youthful and healthy skin.
Active Organics was founded upon a mission of sustainability that includes commitment by every individual to their community.
Active Organics is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified enterprise.
Active Organics is the technology behind some of the world's most well-known skin care products.
Active Organics started in 1981 with a quest to break new ground in natural care ingredients and materials.
Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction are always at the forefront of the skilled and passionate Active Organics staff.
Active Organics is a company committed to giving our customers reliable products and services they expect and deserve.
Many of the most fashionable products are treatment methodologies in today's health and beauty market result from botanical extracts pioneered at Active organics.
Active Organics believes sustainable development is one of the most promising drivers of innovation. It calls for new solutions, new raw materials, new chemistry and new processes.
Active Organics offers a variety of natural performance ingredients backed by intensive clinical testing.
Active Organics scientists serve as lecturers and educators in cosmetic science at several prominent national universities.